Driveline Overview

Campus Information

Surprise Driveline Map

Arrival Times & Lanes

Please use the corresponding lanes.

1st-5th Grades
Both Buildings
6th-8th Grade


Release Times

2:40 pm Kindergarten
2:55 pm 1st-5th Grades
3:10 pm 6th-8th Grades
All Walkers

Additional Instructions

  • Please have your sign displayed in your window when you arrive.
  • In loading areas, please pull forward even if that means going past your child.
  • *If you have children in different grades, dismissal time is determined by the oldest student.
  • For safety, all walkers will be released at the last dismissal time.

Overflow Parking: Legal parking may take place on streets that do not contain a bicycle lane. These can be found on the circular part of 145th Ave. surrounding Legacy Park south of the school. Sweetwater and 145th Ave are public streets and subject to city and state laws. Bicycle lanes are No PARKING LANES per city ordinance.